OMG This is the year all my work with the iris is coming to fruition.  A little background: When we moved in nine (9!) years ago I decided to plant iris and daylilies along the north side of the backyard under my neighbors aging pines and firs.  Well even though the essentially southern exposure insured sun, the shade under those trees was far more than I realized. to compound the problems, the canopy kept even the most drenching downpour to a minimum. So shade and scant moisture made this garden far more work in terms of water and ultimately debris coverage not optimal for Iris.

Turns out Iris need plenty of sun and good drainage and the corms need to be exposed to the sun also.  So long story long I moved all the iris I had accumulated over the first 3-4 years into one of the pie raised beds.  And this year (#2) its like Christmas around here.  Each day a new iris unfolds its blossoms. They are splendid.  I could become addicted.