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Getting back to sewing.

I saw the hand surgeon on Friday and will not have to return until May.  I also elected not to see the therapist again unless I have  issues I can’t resolve on my own.  The wrist is still stiff but gaining strength daily as  I  continue the excercises on my own.

So Ive started piecing some blocks for the color exercise on CQ A-Z.We were instructed to gather examples of colorful items and translate their inspiration to a CQ block. I chose a couple of collages from the Cloth, Paper, Studio Yahoo group. and worked up a couple of blocks from them.collage color inspiration


I’m starting at an all time low with each of my themes.  It’s February and  the outdoor garden is sleeping under a moderate covering of snow. The boat is ‘on the hard’ up at the marina. In December I fell and broke my left wrist and am just now healed enough to think about doing hand sewing on a new crazy quilt. 

Meanwhile I’ve been doing what all frustrated gardeners do in the dead of winter….dream of spring and the possibilities.

Hello world!

My passion is gardening whether sown outdoors in spring, summer, and fall; or sewn indoors during our long northern winters here in upstate NY. It’s all pretty low key and will also be sprinkled with reports of our sailing junkets on Lake Ontario in our 1990 Hunter sloop.